Rescue Facts™ I.D. Wraps are Available for Individual Purchase in a Range of Sizes for a Wide Variety of Uses

Rescue Facts™ wraps come in a variety of sizes, for a variety of uses - anywhere that you need your information found quickly and easy by emergency personnel. For children and pets, provide contact and consent-to-treat forms.
Medical bracelets and charms carry a very limited amount of information and can also be expensive. Rescue Facts™ holds all the vital information rescuers need including medical history, preferred hospital, consent to treat forms and contact information for loved ones. With Rescue Facts™, you can also easily update the information as necessary if your prescriptions, medical or contact information ever change.

Rescue Facts™ is a Great Tool to Have for Our Family

  • Dear Rescue Facts,
    Our three year old daughter has had three different heart surgeries. So, as you can imagine she has a lot of medical information if she was ever in an emergency situation.Rescue Facts helps us relay that information pronto. By briefly describing all her medical problems, doctor references and emergency contacts, Rescue Facts will be extremely valuable for any first response aids. Rescue Facts, however, isn't just for people like our daughter. We believe it important that each member of the family have their own set. So, when we get in our car, our seat belts won't be the only thing that will help guarantee prolonged life, Rescue Facts will continue to ensure that promise as well. Even for our pets! Thank you Rescue Facts!


    The Pollard Family